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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

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Friday, September 07, 2012

How to--and how not to--use HARO to promote your creative business

This is a pretty cool article in the NYT about using HARO--and how not to use it--to gain publicity for your creative business!

If you have used HARO, you know it's a great source for publicity--and it's free, which I adore.

But you have to put some thought into a pitch and pitch on topic. Most reporters, like me, want a short summary of what you have to offer or a statement they can include in their stories. If they want more information, they'll contact you.

Another thing with HARO...when I am hoping to secure coverage to promote my business, I never follow up. Try to remember that reporters are bombarded when they send out a query. The last thing they need is a ton of "Did you get my message?" emails. Stick to one pitch, if applicable, and leave it at that. You may not have responses to every pitch--that's normal.

Do you use HARO? How do you like it?

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