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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

There's something about getting out of a workout class at night. It sucks to pack up my stuff and go at like 5 p.m. but when I get out, the night is mine. The air smells sweeter.

I'm usually a morning workout person, but I've been doing a lot of evening classes lately because some of the ones I like are at night. The only thing that feels weird is driving to class when it's getting dark. That feels like pulling teeth.

So last night, fresh out of an intense pilates class, I came out of the gym feeling rejuvenated and excited about what I do--personally and professionally.

But it's weird this month because I have two month-long projects. Usually everything is "I need this done yesterday" and it's a rush. But this month, everything is self-paced. I'm doing well at working ahead of time on these projects, but still. There are some other fill-in projects to keep me tense, but otherwise, it's a month without tense deadlines. Gives me more time to do marketing. I should make more time for book writing, too. And I'd love to get out in the fall activities before fall gets too cold.

I have been taking more pictures. Just forcing myself to take a shot of anything just to take it. This is a habit I need to get into--not just so my blog has no original art, but just to continue being creative.

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