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Saturday, July 03, 2010

One of the things that's so important to me as a person, and as someone running their own business, is balance.

For example, I'd been craving a visit to the beach. A good couple hours to unwind on a day with ideal weather. As such, I wanted to get in the ocean and float around a little.

Well, that finally happened today.

I don't know why it was so hard. My schedule's been a tad crazy lately, yes. So it was difficult to get to the beach. Sad thing: I live five minutes away.

After paying $7 to get on, perfection ensued. (Yep, you have to pay to get on the beaches in NJ during the summer. I never knew this until I left the state and thought I was getting a wicked freebie.)

It was a great day. Sun, tanning, water, the smell of salt, podcasts, and random conversations from nearby beach-goers (I'm so the girl that listens in!)

Now, recharged, I'm moving forward. I came home more inspired than ever to write, and I've been going at it ever since. With two new book projects in the works, it's good to be "in the mood." What can I say? I'm a beach girl. It's not just about tanning or the surf, it's about recharge.

It's about balance.

And I'll pay that silly $7 again and again this summer, in search of what I need. Balance.

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