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Monday, December 28, 2009

Photo: From the amazing Andrea Scher

I love this time of year because it usually offers a break. Time to think and reflect. The world seems to stand still. It seems like no one is working and if they are, they're not really too productive.

But this year, at least today, there's not much of a break for me.

I am back into work today, knee-deep in the muck of it. Projects, unanswered emails, phone calls for new projects. Where is that relaxing week where all you encounter is "I'll be back in the office on January 2"? I'm not finding it this year.

But I'm still gonna make time to reflect and to plan.

This year, I've decided that I won't have a resolution. I don't need a big fat whopping goal. I'm an overachiever anyway. I simply need to assess where I am and determine where I want to go next. And if I don't have a destination, maybe I'll just be. Just take it all in and be where I am. Enjoy the moment. The goal setting and achieving has always been so easy for me...but the standing still? Not so easy. Maybe that's where I need to be...without a grand plan or a massive goal. Just to be...and to be aware. That's what I'm focused on.

I just wish I could have a break from work so I could meditate on these things. But I'm taking breaks. A few more hours and I'll be done for the day, I can live with that.

It's hard when you, as a freelancer always worried about keeping the dough coming in, can afford to take a break but cannot.

So whether you're working over this holiday/winter break or just relaxing, I wish you the best. Plan, dream...do and be whatever is best for you.

For me, I'm just gonna BE.

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