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Friday, August 28, 2009

There's nothing like one of your best freelance gigs drying up to deflate you.

I recently got news that one of my steady gigs is going wayward in two months. As a huge advocate of steady gigs, this is a huge disappointment.

When I think about it, this job wasn't creating my most riveting prose. Likewise, I usually didn't put as much into this content as other things I write. But it was a lucrative steady paycheck. A paycheck that will soon be gone, gone, gone.

I know that new things come up...that you have to close a door to open a new one. I know that I could focus those efforts on what I really want to do (more magazine article writing). But today I am bummed. Today I am feeling all those feelings I felt when I began my freelance career...that the well was tapped out and nothing good will come along.

Today, I'm going to feel it. I'm going to hit the gym and pound out my frustration on several cardio machines. Tomorrow I will start making something good come out of something bad. Because I always like to create a happy ending. It's one of my goals in life--to always make something good out of something bad that happens. It doesn't just happen. It takes action. And as I've been reminded from some very nice fellow freelancers, I'm just the girl to take action and make things happen.

But nothing wrong in acknowledging when something, simply put, just sucks. I hope my honesty can somehow make freelancers feel a little less alone in this complicated but fulfilling journey--that's why I share my feelings...that's why I wrote the book. That's why I'll continue to share my journey with you.:)

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