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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You've probably heard of the term "life lists." I had (I believe on Oprah), but I hadn't really considered one until I took Dream It. List It. Do It! out from the library.

The book is filled with goals that the authors collected from various life lists. It's a fun kind of read where you don't have to read cover to cover...you can just flip through.

It got me thinking about making a life list, and also maybe making a creative life list. You know, to solely focus on everything in my creative life. I am not sure if I'll make two lists or one.

But I'm bringing this up because I wanted to know if you've used the "life list" sort of technique to help you attain your personal goals. I really haven't, which is odd because I'm a list fanatic. But as far as jotting my goals down on paper, I don't think I've done so since I was a teenager or something. It's something to think about, because I think writing down your goals in life--or in your creative life--at least, can help you move forward to attaining them.

Do you have a creative life list? Do you want to share it here? What is one thing that would be on your list if you don't have one already?

What's holding you back from making a life list or a creative life list?

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