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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you ever feel like you're not doing enough?

I know that we all achieve things in our own time, but sometimes I feel like I'm letting the world pass me by. I get so exhausted just keeping business going and find it hard to have energy to pursue other things. Maybe I'm burned out.

I hear about other people doing exciting things like taking classes and vacations, and I do neither. I work. I watch TV. I spend time with my husband and my cat. I work in my garden sometimes. I go to the gym.

Sometimes when I hear what other people are up to, it just makes me feel like I'm missing out or not doing enough. That "Book #3" I want to work on? I finally got a day off and I don't feel like writing. But if I spent more time on that I couldn't pay bills because I have to work.

Point is, even when you have your dream job, it's not all a cup of tea. Sometimes I just have to remember to sit back and remember that I'm exactly where I need to be. I may not have time to do all these exciting, creative and whimsical things, but that's okay.

Say it with me..."I am enough."

I am enough.

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