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Thursday, April 09, 2009

I know that many creatives out there use the Web to propel their business. My website, www.kristenfischer.com, features a portfolio of my work, an explanation of what it is like to work with a copywriter and how I do business, as well as a bio and listing of press clips.

I'm wondering what you feel that a website for a creative business should entail. Do you think you need your own domain? Do you put your resume online? Do you feature rates for your work? Share your link and let's chat!

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Blogger Clint commented at 9:52 AM~  

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Blogger Clint commented at 9:55 AM~  

As a video producer/director, I have samples from my reel posted on my website. I also have brief case studies under each video describing the job and my company's role.

You can look at my site by visiting ParcEntertainment.com and read by blog at blog.ParcEntertainment.com

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