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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Many of you know how I feel about running a creative business first and foremost as a business.

That said, it's tax season. And my writer pal Deb Ng posted some great resources at her blog.

  1. Taxes and Freelancing - About.com
  2. 50 Tools and Resources for Freelancers During Tax Season - BootStrapper
  3. Tax Tips for Freelancers - The Huffington Post
  4. Turbo Tax’s Tips for Freelancers
  5. Freelance Tax FAQ - The Anti 9 to Guide
  6. Tax Tips for Freelancers - Absolute Write
  7. Planning for Next Year’s Tax Bill - Freelance Switch
  8. Five Things To Do To (or For) Your Accountant at Tax Time -Freelance Switch

For more, click here.

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Blogger Pink Heels commented at 1:04 PM~  

Great information! The most common question that I receive is whether or not there is a special small business tax. I am surprised that there is a belief that small businesses are responsible for paying extra taxes.

Blogger kristen commented at 4:04 PM~  

There's a self-employment tax.... It's standard.:(

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