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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Deb Ng has a great post going over at FreelanceWritingJobs about that not-so-awesome mentality about working at home. In the post, she shares how many people think writing is a work at home job.

Can anyone write? Of course. But not everyone can write well.

And not everyone starts writing just so they can be home. But a lot of people think writing, for example, is akin to those envelope-stuffing jobs.


It gets me thinking about all the eye-rolling I've experienced. I didn't start writing to work at home. But because I do work from home, many people think I don't make a good living. Or that I don't have to work at home. Or that I write poems all day.

Not so--I took the practical route of copywriting and supplemented my income book and magazine writing, my real passions.

I think a lot of creatives--writers, artists, etc.--deal with this sort of thing constantly. You get told, "Oh you're a painter? I want a work at home job, too."

For some industries such as ours, many with low overhead, working from home just makes sense. But can anyone do it?

I don't think so.

What do YOU think?

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 9:56 AM~  

It's really nobody's business if you (we) make a living as a writer.

If it works well for your circumstances then it is your personal (family) choice not theirs.

Some people think if you love your work it's not a real job, may be it's sour grapes on their part.

I read an article the other day about a photographer who travels the world and makes a tidy income from it. Good luck to him and no doubt he worked hard to get there. It inspired me.

Why work in a factory for 25 years if you can succeed at something you love?

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