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Monday, November 24, 2008

I was in a little bit of a work funk today. Feeling like life is a little monotonous working at home. Then I had that, "What if I go get a regular job?" thought and cringed.

After a trip to the bead store, I was reminded how interesting solo work can be. I was greeted by the bead lady and her huge dog, George. The shop was quiet and I remembered that even "regular" jobs can be slow. At least I'm not "trapped" behind a schedule. When I'm in a funk, I can leave and go do something else. Beats the heck out of being stuck in a time-constricted job.

Still, she was content running this shop that wasn't overly busy and she was making a living doing what she loved. Just like me.

Instant gratification.

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Anonymous rp commented at 12:42 PM~  

its always impresses me, the possibility to be able to do whatever you love doing the most and make a living out of it.
I am currently in the middle of trying out something similar but seem a long way of at the moment.

Blogger kristen commented at 3:18 PM~  

it's possible to do what you love and make a living at it. and once you can, life is a whole new slate.

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