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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Five Cool Creatives to Follow on Twitter

If you're not on Twitter, you're missing out! This site lets you give short status messages and it's cool to chat with others and see tidbits into other people's lives.

With that, I'd like to post five people that I think you should add when you set up your account. Because you are gonna be a Tweet, right?

Calvin Lee
Cal is a California-based designer and marketing guru that always has something entertaining to say. He's got a vibrant personality and likes to "retweet," which in Twitterville means that he will repost important messages you post. He'll pimp you out when you need votes online for contests or more people to Digg your blog.

Evan Calkins

For an entertaining Tweet, Evan's the guy. He can somehow create witty posts in, of course, 140 characters or less.

Claudine Hellmuth
Step into the world of a mixed-media artist and jack-of-all-trades creative gal. She'll talk about her kitties and new products, and give you other tidbits about living the creative life!

Deborah Ng

This writer offers insights into the writing industry, as well as useful links and resources for all creatives. She also talks about her family in entertaining 140-character messages!


A web and print designer with something interesting to say. She talks about work and her personal life, which offers a nice mix.

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Blogger whenigrowupcoach commented at 10:09 AM~  

I found you on Technorati, & bookmarked your site right away. I'm a career & life coach for artists - some want to stop pounding the pavement & find a secure career that they're passionate about, while others want to add creativity back into their lives on their own terms.

I'm hoping that you can add me to this twitter list! You can find me at http://twitter.com/WhenIGroUpCoach

Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading your past posts.

Need to Grow Up or know someone who does?: whenigrowupcoach.com
Blogging about Growing Up: whenigrowupcoach.com/blog

Anonymous Laura-Jane commented at 7:45 PM~  

Neat idea for a post!

Loving your blog. Found you through FreelanceSwitch.

Blogger Calvin Lee commented at 11:02 PM~  

Hey Kristen

Thanks for the shout out! You're the best. :)

- Cal

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