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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Yesterday I hit a creative wall. Well, it was more like a work wall. I had so much going on to the point where all I wanted to do was just cry and release it all.

Most people would say, be happy you're that busy. Believe me, I am grateful for the work I have. But the problem is that my work is on deadlines and it's not just about how much I can get done in a workday. It has to be done whether I lose a night's sleep or not. (Thankfully, I've always managed my time well as not to pull an all-nighter.)

Still, it hit that wall where I couldn't take anymore, couldn't focus anymore, and wanted to go to bed.

I simply shifted my actions. I put the laptop in bed, took some deep breaths and a break to tell myself to calm down. I knew I'd get it done, but I just needed that break and I needed to be strong enough to reassure myself and support myself.

After that, and a talk with a good friend, I was fine.

Sometimes you can feel like the walls are caving in. Whether you've got tons of work or not enough. And sometimes, just a break and some positive self-talk helps. Your whole day--or whole career--doesn't have to go completely down the pot, as we think it may sometimes.

Have you ever hit this type of overwhelming "wall" feeling? How'd you deal with it??

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Anonymous Matthew Duerksen commented at 3:17 PM~  

If i ever hit a wall like you mentioned, I need a change of scenery. For me, I work at home, so it is like I am in a cave 24/7. Sometimes I don't even get out but once or twice a week.

So if this happens I will get out to work at Starbucks or Borders or Barns and Noble etc..

Helps me get new inspiration and almost reset myself!

Matthew Duerksen

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