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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

There's so much going on in my creative career right now. Somehow, things feel like they've turned around so much, and all it took was one email.

An editor from a large national women's magazine loved a query and took the time to personally respond. Sounds like I may have landed the piece had it not been being written. She was so nice and invited me to pitch more ideas to her. That, for a writer, is huge. (Most editors don't invite us to share ideas--they don't even respond when we do in most cases--so this was a welcome opportunity!)

So now, I wait. More ideas have floated over to that editor and I am even more passionate about magazine writing. It's something that I've always wanted but haven't had enough energy to follow through with. I've been published in national magazines, but not really the ones I read on a regular basis. So coming into these niche publications is really exciting for me. I know that one big clip will lead to more--I just need my big break.

So that's reawakened me in many ways. Yes, I am still passionate about copywriting, but it's nice to explore a new medium or a new area of your profession that you haven't really experienced yet.

What aspect of your creative career do you want to explore more?

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