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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I loved the tips for getting out of a rut. I agree with Swirly--once you are living a creative dream you can get so wrapped up in your work that you need to create for the sole fact of creating.

I was thinking about my post the other night when I was watching Arena Bowl 2008. I'm not an arena fan, but I am more stoked about football season than most. So it really got me in the mood." Anyway, I wanted to do something creative...so I beaded a necklace.

I'm glad I did. I loved working with the beads. I know I should sell the stuff I make or I'll have ton of necklaces. But again, I'm trying to create for the sole fact of creating. Beading was good because it has nothing to do with writing. I wonder what I will try next (aside from Starbucks' Vivanno with chocolate and banana--that's a new discovery!)

Maybe I will paint like Elise...

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