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Thursday, July 10, 2008


I found the link to this picture over at Sparkletopia, one of my favorite online destinations for a quick dose of beauty and inspiration. Christine really does have some lovely inspirational stuff there. I wish I made more time for stuff like that. Lately I don't browse blogs a lot or look for new artists. Lately, I work and read.

I have to say that even though I'm still working lots, life has calmed in the past few months. I stopped taking on a part-time job, which has been challenging. I have more gaps of time to entertain myself, which often winds up in me being anxious at the spare time. Not having a commute, I have more time at home to get my work done and get on to other things. And when work isn't super busy, that gives me time, time, time.

A lot of people imply that I've got nothing but free time, but really, my time to me is valuable. Even when I'm not on the clock, I can be working on marketing efforts. And when I'm not working...well, let's just say I have a large stack of summer reading already accomplished. (Check me out on GoodReads.com and feel free to add me!) And my backyard is looking fabulous from all the maintenance. So are my biceps.

Having "spare time" may sound like a horrible thing. I know because I used to be a self-proclaimed workaholic. I'd have to say that I've changed my mind on that. I've slowed down a bit. I still work hard and sometimes work a lot, but I'm making time for other things and I'm loving it.

How do you make time for yourself?
What do you do with it??

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Blogger Mary Richmond commented at 3:42 AM~  

for me, the hardest thing in almost 30 years of self employment has been to have other people understand i am really working when i am at home. i always have something to do and it is often difficult to separate work from me time. i love what i do so work often feels like me time! i feel lucky in that most of the time i am doing exactly what i want to be doing. can't be more me than that ;-)

Blogger Swirly commented at 10:19 AM~  

What a lovely surprise to check in and see Sparkletopia mentioned! Thank you. :)

I have an incredibly difficult time taking too much time just for myself (unless I'm on vacation or somehow out of my home & studio environment). I have been trying to figure this out for a while now, why I always feel like I have to somehow be productive.

When I can let go, though, it is bliss!

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