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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


First off, I became an aunt today. My dear friends M and B had their first child, Kenneth. I haven't even met him yet but I already adore him. I have been so close to them, especially during the pregnancy. I am genuinely happy for them, and I think that's why they recognize me and Tim as family, and why Baby Whang will know us as Aunt and Uncle. I could not be happier.

Welcome to the world, little Kenneth. I cannot wait to get to know you and see the world through your beautiful eyes.

Then I had a great talk with a friend today about being such a Type A. Being a Type A is good, but then I think about B. As in, I don't know how to just be sometimes.

Then I read Andrea's post today. She was talking about taking time to just create and gosh, I haven't done that in forever. I rushed through beading a necklace last week to "relax." In fact, I usually have to do something in order to relax. I am hardly ever kind to myself when I'm doing nothing, always pushing myself to do more.

My friend reminded me today to be just as loving when I'm not doing much. And that just because my life isn't where I ideally want it, it's still great. And I don't have to get frustrated. And if I do, that's okay, too.

This being gentle with yourself thing is really vital for creatives. Especially ones like me with a habit of beating herself up.

How are you kind to yourself?

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