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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

From the lovely Gail McMeekin's latest newsletter...

Success Strategies for Creative Souls #85: Spring Clean Your Creativity

This time of year is a perfect time to take an inventory of what's happening with your creative process. Is it musty? Is it dusty? Is it broken or out of date? Just like in your garden, spring is the ideal time to clear out the weeds and start over or add to or refresh your look and functionality. To help you to get started, here are some tips:

1) Start with the space where you create. Do you have everything you need? It's a great time to replace scissors or get new software or rearrange things so they work better.

2) What can you throw out? A client of mine just tossed an essay that she's been working on all winter as she decided that she was no longer inspired enough by it to go through the magazine submission process. Another client of mine just threw out all her old paint and bought new brushes too. Still a third client is going to get rid of one website and combine it with her main one. Subtraction is a powerful creativity enhancer.

3) What do you want to add in to spark your inspiration? Do you need a book, a class, a buddy, a coach or new materials of any kind? Is it time to write in a cafe for a while or paint outdoors or try a different musical instrument? What do you feel fascinated by today that may be new and different?

4) What limiting beliefs do you need to dig up? I have one client who is trying to draw animals and can't let herself just have fun with it as she feels the first one has to be the masterpiece. No wonder she can't get started! Spring is a time of expansion and a wonderful opportunity to take some risks--so get out of the house and visit someplace new and experiment with your talents and abilities. Enjoy yourself.

5) Celebrate what is working for you and see if you can enhance it. Barbara is working on a multimedia production and finds that surfing the web before she starts gets her jazzed up. Now she is going to add going to a music library to work one day a week to get her even more tuned into possibilities.

Let the seasons guide your creative cycles and open you to new blossoms and growth spurts!

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