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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Get hot for teacher.
(I'm the teacher!)

NEW Creating Your Freelance Career
Did you ever dream of setting up your own freelance business? Whether you’d work part-time or full-time, you’d have the flexibility to focus on work while making time for family and personal commitments. And you’d be your own boss! In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to set up your own freelance business. Covering topics such as contracts, taxes, marketing, business development and time management, the instructor will present an overview of relevant topics.

Cost: $59
CEHE 381-01 CSP
Jan 19-Jan 26 • 2 Sessions • Sa • 1-3pm • Kristen Fischer • Register by Jan 10
CEHE 381-02 CSP
Mar 5-Mar 12 • 2 Sessions • W • 7-9pm • Kristen Fischer • Register by Feb 26
Location for Section 02 only: Pt Pleasant Boro HS, Pt Pleasant

Register here:)

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Anonymous JackieO commented at 7:14 AM~  

Hi Kristen! I like your blog and was struck by the title of your book, "Creatively-self employed." That is something I strive to do--in my free time, I brainstorm about defining my niche. I come from a PR background and have provided pro-bono support to friends and family and often tell myself, "I should start my own company!" I am undergoing a career change right now and have been interviewing like crazy! But, once I settle down, I would enjoy learning about creating a freelance career. This time of change has inspired me to create a blog. Please check it out at: www.lovelifeandwork.blogspot.com

Blogger kristen commented at 1:50 PM~  

thanks for the note Jackie! visiting your blog right now!

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