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Monday, January 28, 2008

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Expect Good Things

I was listening to a podcast from Joel Osteen. I know, I know...he's got a twangy accent but this guy is really great, helping people without preaching at them. He had a great podcast about expecting good things and making that good happen in your life.

I think there's plenty creatives can learn to help them at work by simply shifting their expectations. Instead of expecting things to go crummy, or even just not having expectations, it's vital to keep positive as a freelancer. No matter what or who you believe in.

When we stay positive, we open up opportunities for growth. Don't ask me how the Law of Attraction works, but I wholeheartedly believe in it.

Truth is, I've been going through a really low time the past few weeks. Work has been slow. A few clients are probably on the way out. (Actually, I'm probably on the way out according to them!) For whatever reason this is all coming down on me, I do trust that it's all for the good. I know new doors are opening up.

In fact, I expect them to.

Things may not be perfect, but when I expect the best, I know that things will turn around at some point. Joel says to say, "Something good is going to happen to me today" everyday. Even though some days nothing good happens, he persists. He says by doing this you can shift your thinking more positively, even if it doesn't always work. He doesn't promise good things will always happen, but this will make you more positive.

While you may not believe that thinking positively will help, what do you have to lose? You may even find that your life improves in other areas when you live with expectancy. Let's face it, freelancing can be hard. Choosing happiness helps make it better when the client list is slim, when you're creatively blocked--whatever. We choose our reactions. How will you react when things get a little tough?

Staying positive, especially during the hard times, is key to become a confident freelancer. And if you happen to get in touch with your spiritual side along the way, you may find a little something extra.

"Just as you can train yourself to expect the worst, you can train yourself to expect the best."

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