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Thursday, January 10, 2008

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I have a couple clients that are a little...well, sour.

As in, they can be kind of nasty. Or they send me useless emails asking me to explain myself on things that don't really matter. One even sent me a message to complain about a client of theirs.

Now, I know that the mind can go naturally not-so-positive, but I must ask--why all the negativity? Isn't living in this world enough?

As creatives, we have to overcome so much of our own negativity, so when you have a client that likes to vent or get on your case, you've got to decide how to approach the situation. I have nicely told my "complainer" client to focus on the positive and don't encourage him to keep talking or "vent" when he starts to.

As for the client who likes to point out my mishaps after their made with the supposed intention of bettering my work, I'm letting him keep thinking that. I've learned to briefly explain myself and stick up for myself. I don't apologize profusely or beg forgiveness anymore. Point is, I'm working for him, so I don't exactly need it. But I don't exactly just absorb what he, sometimes very rudely says.

I don't want to foster a post to encourage bitching on our clients, but sometimes it's good to release your opinion on the silly-minded people who can try to bring you down. In some cases, I've stopped working with clients because of this, but mostly find the majority of my clients to be pleasant. Some, like those I've mentioned, aren't so positive, but I need the work. (C'mon, let's be practical--you can't just quit every job!)

Certainly, there's enough negativity the world. We don't have to take it from our clients either!

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