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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Leo's article on his new blog, Write to Done, really got me thinking.

He talks about being honest with yourself in Your Art vs. Paying the Bills. Doing what you love while paying the bills. Taking on assignments you don't necessarily want to but need to in order to eat. I think we've all done it.

I certainly have.

Because I'm pretty practical about things. I don't expect to pop out a book each year and sit on my butt while sales come in.

Leo also says we should be honest, and passionate about our work.

I'll be honest, readers: I'm facing a struggle lately. Seems I'm in a famine, or what I perceive to be a famine. It's hard to even say that because many people regard me as that "successful writer." A famine doesn't mean I'm any less fabulous, but it just stinks. My perception is that the market is drying up, and I know that isn't true. But a few nasty encounters and ignored emails tell volumes.

I'm learning to shift my perspective. I haven't experienced this since I started, so I have to realize it can still happen to an established writer. I may have to take a few jobs I don't like to keep the money coming in, but I'll get there.

It's refreshing being honest. Admitting that I'm not perfect.
But also a little scary.

Overall, though, I am still learning that the "famines" I had during my early days as a freelancer have strengthened me. I now know that I'll get back on my feet. It may take a while, but I'll get there.

And if I have to take on a few doozers, I'll do it. After all, I'm not giving up my weekly trip to Starbucks.

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Anonymous indigene commented at 12:51 PM~  

I know what you mean! I'm in famine and have been for a while! Most days you can be positive and do all the things that everyone tells you to do in these desert-filled days, but then at the end of the day, I'm exhausted and feeling it even more! Hang in there, because sometimes, it's all a girl can do! Besides falling we may hurt ourselves! Here's to rich-filled, dessert laden feasts, one day...

Blogger kelly commented at 10:31 AM~  

kristen! so glad to re-find your blog. i just read your interview on sparkletopia. i love your honesty and i love cse. it is so helpful and honest.


Anonymous Anonymous commented at 6:05 PM~  

I joined a collaborative site to work on a book about becoming a good software engineer. There's a chapter in it about being prepared to let go and begin again. In agreeing with yourself to start again strange thinks happen. You open your mind to new learnings and new possibilities and thus becoming a better (software) writer. We all go through dry spells but a dry spell is still part of your life. Your life is important. Every minute of it. With a dry spell comes free time. Use it wisely you'll miss it next time you're up to your eyes!

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