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Monday, December 10, 2007

One of the things I've been thinking about lately is whether or not what I do for a living matters. I realize copywriting isn't necessariily a helping career. I know that I could probably go volunteer to get that sense of worth out of helping someone. But my career is more of a life dream than just a job, so I want it to help people. I want it to mean something.

Sometimes as a freelancer, it's easy to get introspective. It may be because I have more time to think with the slowdown in my work from the holidays. Maybe it's me assessing where I want my business to go. I'm not sure. But I am feeling vulnerable today. Wondering if any of this makes a difference. I guess the useful blogger would give you tips on how to cope with this sort of thing. I'm just being real. I guess that's half the appeal of my CSE "movement." It's real. It's about emotion. (And boy I've got plenty of those!)

I think it's inevitable that creatives will feel this way sooner or later. Especially when you get your business more established, you kind of have a moment to think. I think "Wow, I made it happen. Now what?"

I'm working on the now what. I know that I want to discover more meaning in my career. And in my life overall. I guess that's what the end of the year is there for.

What does your career mean?

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Blogger The Front commented at 2:48 PM~  

Don't have a career, just a job so far from what I really want to do. Draw!

I haven't created any work for over 2 years, and with my present situation, don't know if I'll ever get back into it.

Blogger Swirly commented at 9:12 AM~  

This is such a great topic...something I think should be discussed a lot more. I struggle with this question quite often, and I always come back to the same thing. Regardless of what you do, I believe that if you love what you do that is what matters most. The act of following your passion is what inspires people and what makes a difference. I think the work you do is tremendously inspiring, because it is so obvious to me that you feel passionate about what you do.

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