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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


It was only a couple of days, but my trip up to CT/Mass did the trick. Even though travel can be a little stressful and being up in the middle of nowhere was a little culture shock, it was really nice to get away. We spent the afternoon at http://www.cranwell.com up in the Berkshires. $25 for an all day pass to the spa. A GREAT deal to use the steamroom, sauna, pool and whirlpool. Re-lax-ing.

So now it's back to work. And before I left, I was all eager to make this huge change in my work life. I still am. I wnat to get back to the excitement that I had when I first started on my own. But maybe I'll never quite get there. Maybe it's like a marriage. The beginning is magic but if you learn to appreciate things when they settle, there's real intimacy there. Maybe my career will go to a different level. Still wonderful, like that newlywed phase, but seasoned.

I'm personally working on:

  • Dropping bad clients completely
  • Cutting down working for clients that zap me and treat me poorly
  • Attracting more well-paying copywriting jobs
  • Making more time to focus on "fun" stuff like magazine writing and book writing
  • Stopping the urge to follow up with "next week" clients and trying to revitalizing fizzled relationships
  • More time to focus on marketing
It's a long list. But I'll do it like always and take baby steps!

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