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Friday, October 26, 2007

Quick Links

Boostrapper has listed The 100 Best Business Finance Posts of All Time, on everything from funding to spending to money management.

And here's another great post from Women's DISH about "fembots."

"Thanks to www.feministing.com for the heads up about this tidbit that ran on the Today Show a few weeks ago. Apparently, if you don't have kids, and instead, focus on your career, there is a good chance that you are "emotionally unavailable" and therefore a fembot. But, wait, these "working women" (an editor from Marie Claire, a psychologist and a Today Show interviewer), didn't mean "fembot" in a negative way ... huh? While if you really listen, they don't classify "all" working women with no kids as fembots, but you really have to listen to figure that out.

Unfortunately there are too many bad inferences in this piece including the fact that "unmarried" is a mental illness; and that men who don't marry are simply "bachelors," but women who don't marry are either spinsters or fembots? Neither one is flattering. I'll have to admit, after watching this, I'd have a hard time ever reading Marie Claire or watching The Today Show again.


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Blogger Jessica commented at 6:56 PM~  

One thing that I love about your posts are:

When you post, it matters, and you provide great resources. I like having LISTS of "100 bests" and such to reference, and I always save the links you provide for downtime and take my time to read through all the articles. Thank you for spreading the word on these great reference tools!

I have to still read that book of yours --- how is second one going?

Blogger kristen commented at 7:55 AM~  

i like to give people things they can use. i don't always provide original content but reposts are good sometimes.

2nd book is in production with the publisher they are taking care of everything. nicer than self-pubbing.

Blogger Marjorie commented at 5:04 PM~  


I totally love Marie Claire and am so glad that I didn't see the Today disaster. I'm a beauty and fashion addict who also happens to be a proud feminist who loves her career, will probably never have children (by choice) and is happily married (and before that, happily single). I plan on writing a letter to MC's editors and throw my two cents in. Their readers deserve better.


Blogger Leigh commented at 6:10 PM~  

I probably can't have children due to all of the surgery I've had. In fact, my doctor said if I were lucky enough to get pregnant and have the baby make it past the first trimester, I'd probably have to spend 5-6 months in a hospital on bed rest, being monitored. Instead of going through the emotional trauma of trying to have kids and not succeeding, I've just decided it's not worth it to me to put my body at such a risk, put a baby at risk, and go through the expense and possible heartache of adoption. I am focused on my career and my three cats, and I am quite happy. I wonder if they'd label ME a fembot?

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