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Monday, October 01, 2007

How To Proofread Your Own Writing
A Writing Skill You Must Have!

Proofreading is a must! It's also difficult to proofread your own work because you're so close to it--you know what's coming next. These tips can help:

1. Pay extra attention to your word processor's spelling check. It's easy to miss the cues when you're in the heat of writing or editing.
2. Print the manuscript and read it out loud. This slows you down so it's easier to spot errors, and your ear will also pick up things that need to be changed.
3. Put the manuscript aside for at least 24 hours - several days is better. You will see it with fresher eyes.
4. Ask someone else to read it. Make it clear you only want them to spot spelling errors and totally unclear sentences, not their opinion or editing.
5. Read the manuscript backwards, from the last word to the first. If it's too long to do this efficiently, read difficult passages backwards.

Proofreading Tips:
Proofreading should be done after you're finished with editing. It's the last step before submitting a manuscript.

Pick readers carefully. Make sure they know they are proofing only. Well-meaning friends can sometimes cause more problems than you need.

Proofreading is a must! It's not fun, and it's not easy, but it often makes the difference between rejection and acceptance.

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Anonymous Limitless commented at 7:34 AM~  

Very good article Hristen, good work!

Blogger kristen commented at 9:16 AM~  

Oh I didn't write this one, the link goes to the author:)

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