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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Besides the FreelanceSwitch.com podcast, FreelanceRadio, I have a slew of other podcasts that I love. One is HipTranquilChick. I hadn't listened all summer, so I'm starting to go back through Kim's weekly shows.

One that I loved was July 7th show, about Tranquility Tools.

hip tranquil chick podcast #89: tranquility tools

Kim lists her Top 10 Tranquility Tools, most are the same as mine.

Here's what gives me balance. Art journaling. Writing. Deep breathing. Listening to podcasts in bed. Savoring good tea--usually from a coffeehouse. Exercise and stretching. Knitting. Beading. Painting. Blogging.

I think these things are so vital to keep us balanced. I struggle with balance so much. Not having enough work or having too much. Having work that zaps me. I need more balance and the thing is that I need to make time to balance myself before I hit rock bottom (a.k.a. too stressed to function).

What are your tranquility tools?

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