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Friday, July 27, 2007

I think my hell week is over. Let's hope it doesn't pick back up on Monday. On top of working on resumes (I write resumes part-time, it's great regular work) I had to finish a website and some other assignments. I wrote 11 resumes this week and I am fried. I took small breaks, which helped.

The next milestone is TUESDAY.
That's when the first draft of my second book is due.

I hate to say it, but I can't wait to turn it in. I know the editing process will be hard, too, but it'll be nice to get it off my shoulders. I love the book. Not every aspect, but it is coming together. My publisher selected a title and is going to start to work on the cover. I'm excited. I'm ready to take a break from writing books until another idea hits me. But seriously, it's so hard for me to manage it all sometimes.

People always ask how my CSE sales are going. They're going--they're just not going as well as I'd like. One girl can only do so much. Hopefully with the help of Kelly from StartupPrincess.com, that will pick up. She's granting my wish to find some PR help---what a doll! So there's that. It's just so hard to do it all--be an author, a publicist, a copywriter, a wife.

Taking one thing at a time is key. I'm glad I'm learning how to do that. Slowly but surely...but indeed, surely.

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Blogger Leigh commented at 11:37 AM~  

Congrats on your milestone, Kristen! I just found you not too long ago through Kristen King's blog, so I am reading your archives and getting caught up on what you've been doing.

I had a hell day today (surely not as bad as your hell week). I edited a document that was 15 pages long and contained very little subject-verb agreement and a ton of misplaced modifiers. At some points, even *I* didn't know what the person was trying to say.

Blogger kristen commented at 3:08 PM~  

so glad you found me and wrote, leigh! wow that client sounds hellish, too. i hate when it's like, c'mon you know English right? but i guess some people do not...

Blogger Sticks commented at 1:06 PM~  

Hi Kristen, I just stumbled upon this blog and am impressed. It should be helpful to me. I am setting up my own blog at the moment. I also write and design cvs very well (Graphic design degree, interested in layout) and I want to start doing it part time in New Zealand. I know I am good at it but I don't know the best way to get work and am feeling frustrated. Make business cards and ask around? Would you be keen to give me any advice? Would really appreciate it. "designgoodies@gmail.com"

Thanks and good luck with your work. :)

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