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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Maintaining Your Human Identity in a Cyber Career

It was just the other day when I submitted a writing assignment. After saving my final draft and sending it off to my boss, I took a deep breath. It was another success for a regular gig, and I had managed to get it done before deadline—as always.

But just when I thought everything was fine, a return email from my boss with a replied subject line appeared in my inbox. Expecting him to confirm he received the project, I unknowingly opened up the email to find a statement that set me off. After telling me there was an error in the title, he wrote, “Come on!”

Now, I know what “Come on!” feels like when you’re being cheered on or motivated. This was not that kind of two-word phrase. It was a snap. A sarcastic brush off that shocked me. First, I had made a mistake, which is always frustrating to cope with because I want every client to be satisfied with my work. But more so, it was how my boss said it that upset me most. It was like he was spitting out nasty comments to someone who didn’t matter, and he could say it because we weren’t face to face.

Who does he think he is, I asked myself. What’s so hard about saying, “There’s an error on the title. Please fix it and return.”

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Anonymous michael commented at 7:50 AM~  


how rude!

have you asked him for clarification (and a slight modification to his writing style)?

hang in there sister!


Blogger Harmony commented at 6:19 AM~  

I've had bosses like that, I guess there is no escaping them even when you work for yourself :)

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