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Sunday, June 03, 2007

I suppose it's normal for all of us to be under deadlines. Right now, I am on the clock to finish my second book. I admit--I procrastinated on this one. While I've been working on it for a year, I got caught up promoting CSE and then wrapped up in house hunting and moving.

So here I am. With a month left and just 50,000 words before me.


Here are some ways to work well under a deadline:
1. Clear the Area. Clean up your desk and surroundings as best as possible so you're not tempted to clean or frustrated by the mess.

2. Prioritize. Set aside time (write it in the day planner!) so you can work on a project. Stop everything at the alloted time and get down to business.

3. Take Breaks. It's okay to take a break. Remember not to get caught up in other tasks and go to one area to relax. I try not to break for over 15 minutes.

4. Snack Happy--and Yes, Healthy. Keep healthy snacks nearby. Many of us have the tendency to eat bad when we're under pressure. On the flip side, many creatives forget to eat because they're so engrossed in their work. I'm guilty of this--yes, even me, a little Italian girl with a hearty appetite.

5. Be Kind. Reassure yourself that you'll get the work done. Draw upon past successes. I've never missed a deadline, for example, and I know I can get this done. If I get off track or don't get as much done a day as I want, I try to take it easy on myself. This is where breaks come in good if you start to beat yourself up a little.

So those are my deadline tips.

What are yours?

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Blogger Toby commented at 8:46 AM~  

Thanks for your tips. Sometimes it's all so overwhelming I forget to take a breath. By the way, I heard that dark grapes help the thinking process .. could be an extra incentive to snack healthy. (smile)

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