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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Today's question is interesting: Am I too driven?

I was talking with a friend who complained about his/her job a lot. This person knows that he or she is stuck in a rut. In the past, I've tried to pick him/her up...offer suggestions and try to motivate him or her. Then after this discussion, I realized that this isn't the only friend I have who is like this.

Let me say that I love my friends and while I wonder if I need to be around more positive, driven people, I would never end friendships over this. But I do need to change my approach and stop saving, or trying to save, people.

It got me to thinking about how driven I am. I would never stay stuck in a rut. I make things happen. And it's true what my positive, driven friends say: Not all people are courageous enough to live like I do. So, am I too driven?

My answer is no. Overall, no.

While I do overextend myself sometimes, I have a lot of drive. And I'm proud of it. It's only very visible when I am around people who are unmotivated, have closed minds and stay stagnant.

This is quite a breakthrough for me. For months, years even, friends have said how motivated I am. And how extraordinary I am. I haven't seen it until just now...just today.

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