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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

W e i g h t.

With so many creative projects floating around, it's hard for me to make time for the fun, more personal work. Case in point: writing my second book.

I haven't had as much time at all to work on it, and the final draft is due in a few months. Ack! I spend so much time focused on work and things that instantly pay. It's really hard to write a book on the side (especially not about a topic as dear to my heart as creative self-employment!)

How do I carve out time?
How do I release the weight of thinking about what is unfinished as I move through work that pays the bills?

I'm just throwing out questions here. I just thought it was a good topic because I know many creatives struggle to make time for their creative endeavors. And while copywriting is creative, I want to play more on the "author" side of my career.


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Blogger Carla commented at 6:33 AM~  

I've enjoyed carving out time during the past few days to read the book! I especially appreciated the great reminders for self care. When I take care of myself, my creativity and productivity soar. So why do I forget to do that so often? And the reminder that we are all often in the "too broke to pay attention" boat was a huge comfort.

I'm creatively self employed with a storefront. I'm connected to my physical work space for up to 65 hours each week. While I don't have that Starbucks freedom, I definitely experience the other positive and challenging aspects of being self-employed that are discussed in the book. I sell quite a few things I make myself--some of that product production requires me to be at my silverworking torch at home. Carving out time to do that and keeping up with the shop, and finding time for anything else sometimes feels impossible.

Carving out time? I have a lot of respect for my to-do list; I like to cross things off of it. So I've put "scheduling" on that list for today. My plan is to spend some time today on some good old-fashioned time management planning that includes more time at the torch and even some time to regenerate in the upcoming week. As a typical creativly self employed person, I'll work on my to do list for today in between waiting on customers, washing storefront windows, cutting consignment checks, updating the blog, taking photos for the upcoming shop newsletter and class schedule, updating the handouts for a community college class I'm teaching soon, and whatever else comes along. Sounds crazy, right? But could I go back to working for someone else? Not a chance. I love what I do.

Thanks for your book and your work on this topic. I've recommended your book on my blog today at www.beadsandbotanicals.blogspot.com

Blogger kristen commented at 5:48 PM~  


thank you for reading. i am so glad to hear that the book helped you!!

i forget all the time to take care of myself--how is that possible? i still don't know. it's a constant reminder. i think because we love what we do and we constantly want to do it...it's hard to know or accept or think it could be harmful.

love your blog--your work sounds so much fun!


Blogger Swirly commented at 10:24 AM~  

I feel your pain! I haven't been able to do a single thing in my studio for more than two weeks now because we are moving, and it is MAKING ME CRAZY.

*Sigh*...right there with ya.

Blogger kristen commented at 4:56 PM~  

when are you moving? why can't you work--just cuz it's all in disarray?

we actually bought a house and our bid was accepted and are supposed to be closing may 3. as in--in three weeks. i just want everything settled, i want it all done at once. and it's going to drive me crazy, i just know it.

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