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Sunday, April 01, 2007

I put out a newsletter just now. I am really hoping you like the original content included. My hope is that you pass the word on and help me amp up the CSE movement. I want my book concept to be more than just a book--I want visitors to the message board and people writing in with resources--I want to create a community. Turns out, it's not easy. Mostly because I depend on a lot of viral marketing.

In other news, there are some useful marketing articles here. Oh and I am oh so proud of Cat Morley and Neil Tortorella, who were featured in my book. They launched this new site called BoDo with great tips for newbies to the design industry. Congrats!

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Blogger Harmony commented at 5:52 PM~  

Hi Kristen,
How do I get on the mailing list for your newsletter?

Blogger Cori commented at 8:55 AM~  

So happy to have just found your blog and your websites. I will visit from now on. Good luck with everything.


Blogger kristen commented at 6:52 AM~  

thanks, i will go explore your sites, now!

Blogger kristen commented at 6:52 AM~  

harmony, go on the main site at www.creativelyselfemployed.com and type in your email addy at the bottom:)

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