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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So many people have asked how to get my newsletter? My little newsletter? Wow! Glad it's on your list!

FYI: Sign up for my newsletter at the www.creativelyselfemployed.com homepage. Go all the way to the bottom and pop in your email addy!!

I'm trying to get you archives...working on it! Constant Contact can be a little tricky like that.

Today's find: Forums at BUST.com. Yeah, I know it's girls only. I'll dig up some more resources for the guys, too:)

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Anonymous spring commented at 6:00 PM~  

Hey! I was just snooping around on your blog today! Coincidence?

Thanks for the good wishes. :)

Blogger kristen commented at 12:15 PM~  

found yours last night:)

Blogger Harmony commented at 10:00 PM~  

Hi Kristen! I have tagged you for a meme http://writer-in-the-making.blogspot.com/2007/04/worklife-balance-meme.html
Let us know how you creatively keep work/life balance :)

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