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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I know I should provide more how-to career resources. But my book isn't how-to...so why should my blog be? I'm all about leaving it up to you to find answers. I'll give you some wisdom along the way. But today's just for exploring on your own and having fun!

But giving you all inspiration is so much more fun. For me, finding new blogs has always been a great way to rev up my spirits. I do it even when I need a lift between work! So some quick links to inspire you as a creative entrepreneur...while giving you good business tips!

The Reinvention Coach: Great insight into doing what you love.

Spa Clientele Marketing Tips Blog: Pssst! The tips work for any biz!

Free eBook on Building an Effective Website: Free! Yay!

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Blogger Heather commented at 2:32 PM~  

Thanks for the link to my blog! You are damn straight -- marketing is industry-blind. I do try to tailor my tips to service-based businesses so whether you are an artist, writer or a dancer they will probably work!


Blogger kristen commented at 6:53 AM~  

thanks heather:)

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