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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The fall has been so glorious and I've had time to take a few nice drives. I haven't picked a pumpkin or gotten any mums. I continue to watch my summer flowers on the deck fade away.

I am working on final edits for the book. And I got frustrated today. So many people in my life just don't "get" what it is I'm doing. They'd rather go on with their mundane lives and give me hell over not leaving the house. Or people get fed up when they ask me how things are and I talk about the book.

"I'm writing a book!" I want to say. "I'm living a dream...what are you doing with your life?"

Sure, it may be mean.
But it's how I feel.

And I decided to post it here, because maybe someone here will get it.

I think what creatives do is so profound. So what if we work on weekends and can't go watch the same damn movies everyone else does, or do the same things as everyone else.

I need to find a creative self-employment support group. I'm hoping that's one thing that comes out of this book, to be honest. Most likely, I'll have to make it myself. So be it:)

::end rant::

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Blogger Calvin Lee commented at 3:42 AM~  

Kristen, I know what you mean. I get that at times too. I got deadlines to meet and trying to grow my business. Friends and family just don't understand. Well, keep it up. You got a book to get out. :)

Anonymous maria commented at 10:45 AM~  

Keep up the good work...I know exactly how it is...just enjoy your process and don't let the "noise" get to you...

Blogger Kristen King commented at 12:46 PM~  

Girl, I can totally relate. Folks, it ain't all bon-bons and pedicures! I'm actually WORKING here. This work has MEANING and VALUE and it's IMPORTANT and it makes me HAPPY. They can fed up all they want, but at the end of the day, you're doing something you love, and that's what counts. And when your book comes out and is a SMASH HIT, those people can just pay full price. ;]

Kristen (the other)

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